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Agribands® was developed to play a pivotal role in creating a productive orchard in an efficient, cost effective and environmentally friendly manner. The bending of branches is used as a manipulation tool to reduce competition between branches within a tree and slow down growth, reallocating the energy to produce productive trees. To date conventional string has been used in the bending process, but the tying down of branches with string is a highly time consuming and, therefore, expensive process. The use of Agribands® elastic bands has proven to be a highly efficient bending tool, resulting in a substantial cost saving. The bending process takes three to five times faster than when using conventional string, and the Agribands® do not need to be removed. Agribands® was developed with extra built-in UV resistance to withstand the high light intensities experienced in South Africa, thereby ensuring that the elastic bands stay in place long enough for good bending results.

After a two to three month period, the bands decompose and fall to the ground with no risk of girdling the trees. Agribands® are biodegradable and environmentally friendly. 

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