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On the road again

Every year around this time our team are on the road servicing. Servicing for our company is vital. We have built our company on service and we feel it's more important than the initial selling of the product. You can have a quality product but if you cannot offer that back up service your company is no good. We go out of our way to service the farmers whom are our most important clients.

We run from farm to farm. We work in the Elgin Grabouw area, Villiersdorp, Hemel and Aarde valley, Ceres, Koue bokkeveld, Bo Piketberg, Prieska, Craddock and more. We travel across the country "You name it we are there to service it". We come out to the farm and we work in the orchards, however if a farmer has his pruners ready and would like us to collect, we collect and bring them to our workshop.

What the servicing involves:

The pruners come in to us and immediately get scrubbed and cleaned with a cleaning agent to look shiny and new. We then assess the damage of the pruner. If we see all it needs is a sharpen, lube and tightening up then thats what we do to make sure its good for another season.

If we assess a pruner and feel it needs a new blade and new anvil kit we then replace the parts. The handles can also be replaced as they come as a spare part. When the farmer receives his pruners back they look like a pair of almost brand new secateurs ready for another years hard work and efficient pruning. The farmer can call as many times as they like and we will be there.

This service also applies to Silky Saws. If a new blade is needed we will gladly replace it. We offer this service for free, the farmer just needs to pay for the needed spare parts and perhaps a "lekker" coffee onsite.

Our Philosophy is based not only on good service but also on relationships. We pride ourselves in the fact that we can take that time with the farmer building a relationship. After all people buy from people and people get serviced by people. It is an honour to have the clients we have and also to sell the best products Original Lowe and Silky saws. Make sure to contact our team if you are needing a service.

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