Two to three boxes per hectare, on an orchard of standard spacing. High-density orchards or orchards with very good branching, will require more.  Each 23kg box unit of Agribands® contains approximately 9,660 elastic bands.


Cost saving

Farms have reported a 50-80% saving in labor costs when comparing the use of Agribands® elastic bands, to conventional string. Not only is the bending process fast, but the elastic bands do not need to be removed, as is the case when using string.

Agribands® are 23cm long and 3mm thick, which enables a further time saving, since multiple short bands do not need to be knotted together prior to use, and thick enough to also handle not only the weakest branches.



Agribands® elastic bands have extra built-in UV resistance, which ensures that the elastic bands stay in place significantly longer for better bending results. The bands should last 2-3 months.


Environmental impact

Agribands® elastic bands do not need to be removed from the orchard. It will over time break and fall to the ground. The elastic bands are bio-degradable, which adds to a more clean orchard block not being littered with string.  

Agribands - 23kg bundle