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A real heavy duty tool specially for professionals. The Hayate consists of a heavier construction than the Hayauchi, which makes this telescopic pole saw even more robust. And yes, because of this the Hayate may weigh somewhat more, but is still very easy to handle. The blade with Silky’s unique Mirai-Me teeth consists of a special metal alloy, making the blade durable and incredibly strong.


With the Hayate you can reach places you hardly can with a ladder. While standing firmly on the ground, in just a few pulls you cut through the thickest of branches. The speed of the Hayate can be compared with that of a chainsaw. The blade has so much power that sawing hardly feels like an exercise. Just let the weight of the saw do the work!


As the aluminum pole is oval-shaped, you have a very precise control over the direction of the blade, something you will need when pruning at great height. Moreover, this shape gives more strength and rigidity over the full length of the pole saw, and reduces bending to a minimum.


The two sickles on the blade cooperate for an optimal pruning result. The upper sickle helps you to keep the blade in the sawing cut. You can also use the upper sickle to cut little twigs off the trunk or to pull little (dead) branches from the tree. With the lower sickle you can undercut the bark, so that this does not tear off the trunk when the branch falls. The lower sickle is detachable, allowing you to prune heavily ramified woods.


The two locking mechanisms (pushbuttons and levers) together create the safest and most stable locking of the preferred pole length. The lowest pole part is covered with rubber for a comfortable and safe grip, even under wet conditions. The bumper at the bottom protects the pole from bumps or thrusts.

Always think of your own safety: make sure you stand at a safe distance from falling branches and wear a safety helmet and eye protection.


The name Hayate is a traditional Japanese name for ‘hard wind’. And that is exactly how this saw moves through trees!

Optionally available is a HookFox to mount underneath the blade. With this hook you easily pull down sawn off branches that get stuck in the tree. Also handy to get your climbing rope up high in the tree.

Hayate 3 Ext 6,1m

SKU: 372-42
Out of Stock
    • Retracted length: 2450 mm (incl. blade)
    • Extended length: 6100 mm (incl. blade)
    • Blade length: 420 mm
    • Teeth: extra-large (6.5 teeth per 30 mm
    • Limited lifetime warranty
    • Chrome Finish
    • Fileable
    • FPA Confirmed
    • Limited Lifetime Warranty
    • Mirai-Me
    • Non-set Teeth
    • Silky Technology
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