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When it comes to Farming Equipment - Take advantage of Vicar‘s high-performance turbine mist sprayers for precision pest control applications. We have more than 40 years experience in the engineering, development, and production of pest management technology. The high-quality materials we use in our radial designs ensure quiet operation as well as durability. Due to an adjustable system with variable output capacities, our turbines are suited for many different applications, from vineyards and orchards to hop cultivation, nurseries and speciality crops.



Using a VICAR turbine sprayer means having a system that generates a constant and uniform air flow focused on the leaf canopy thanks to the adjustable spraying heads.
The air flow conveys the product making it adhere to both leaf sides, thus optimizing the treatment effectiveness even at low volume.


VICAR turbine sprayers stand out for the high quality of the components used, such as their stainless steel turbines, brass connections and hot galvanized frames, etc. Maintenance operations are reduced and simplified thanks to the precision of assembly and the strict final inspection, thus ensuring high quality over time.

A VICAR turbine sprayer is eco-friendly because, thanks to its spraying precision, it ensures a considerable drift reduction.

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